2019-2020 Awards

Technology Award Winners


The generous donation of $10,000 toward the Spencer County High School’s art program will be utilized for many different aspects in our classrooms. Through this donation we will make more self-sufficient individuals. Specifically regarding the Graphics Design class and Art program overall, the donation will help this course begin to develop its own revenue and become a more self-sufficient entity. We here at Spencer County greatly appreciate the donation and hope that we can continue to impact students’ lives as well as the community as a whole.

10 iPads & 5 Laptops

Thanks to the SCEF, my classroom has been outfitted with several iPads and laptops. These iPads will allow students, who have limited access to electronics, to access a plethora of authentic resources available to Spanish teachers online. Additionally, the iPads will allow students access to a variety of electronic games played in class. The laptops will be used by my yearbook staff and will allow us to continue producing a high quality yearbook for the High School.

Pyramid Award Winners - $1,000

7TH Grade Team

Emily Adkins, Michelle Gross, Nathan Greenwell & Erica McGaughey
Thermal Houses for 7TH graders.
Spencer Co. Middle School

Jonathan Wilkins

Graphing calculators for his Math ECE students.
Spencer County High School

Amber Waller

Math Intervention and Bridges Intervention for students.
Taylorsville Elementary School

Kelly Heichelbech

Flexible seating and classroom library enhancement in her English class.
Spencer County High School

Mrs. White

Reading intervention program for the entire 1ST grade.
Spencer County Elementary